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Our vision for Steri-Straw 2.0, was to imagine and create the perfect straw dispenser. The idea of beauty, simplicity, and functionality as the core concepts to inspire the perfect straw dispenser ever designed. This concept required a complete rethink as to how, dispensing and hygiene could co-exist in a singular machine. Steri-Straw 2.0 more than delivers in an extraordinarily visually pleasing way.

9x9x10.5 Inches

7 Pounds

600 Straws

4 color

Four New Colors

 Black, Red, Blue, Silver.

Full aluminum case all anodized with a luxurious finish to match your decore.

red machine with battery out

Lithium-ion Cell

Steri-Straw 2.0 goes mobile with the addition of the new lithium-ion battery which effortlessly snaps into the case on the left hand side of the machine

Lithium-ion Cell

12 Volt DC

2.8 Amp Hours

blue machine with the lid up 3

Splash proof lid

When it comes to hygiene Steri-Straw 2.0 delivers with a splash proof lid and a lock to secure your straws.


Splash proof


battery kit

Battery Kit

A new plug and play battery kit includes two lithium-ion batteries, a charger base and a power supply. 

Lithium-ion Cell

12 Volt DC

2.8 Amp Hours

silver machine with key 2

Key Kit

 A new set of keys are provided with every machine so that the lid can be locked between fills.

 A new set of keys 

 Lockable Lid

Stop pilfering

wall bracket with red machine with light

Wall Bracket Kit

Free up counter space or place at the drive-thru. This is a secure bracket that allows you to mount the machine to any wall in a secure way with out the worry of the machine being stolen.

Very Sturdy

 Wall Mount

Drive Through Mount

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