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Steri-Straw™ is pleased to announce its new concept in Eco-Friendly consumer products. This marketing decision is made possible through the introduction of a new Automated Dispenser of paperless straws, chopsticks, toothpicks and more. Their custom model will be marketed under the Food Service Equipment Brand of Dispensers but will feature the most advanced innovative technology in this product type.

Steri-Straw Overview

Steri-Straw Dispenser is a fully automated sensor-driven straw dispenser developed to deliver hygenic unwrapped straws to the fast food industry. The Steri-Straw dispenser comes in seven vibrant colors and accomodates a variety of straw lengths. The Steri-Straw Dispenser is powered by a 6v Dc transformer which plugs into the wall. The Steri-Straw Dispenser is unique as it is the only straw dispenser to sterilize the straw and deliver the straw touchlessly.

Steri-Straw Cost Saving

The Steri-Straw Dispenser can generate a significant cost saving as the straws are delivered in a touchless environment, therefore there is no need for a wrapper. The wrapper carries a cost component and by removing this cost from the purchase price of the straw, the straw cost can be reduced by up to half. This cost saving is achieved in a hygenic manner due to the internal structure of the Steri-Straw Dispencer and will continue to generate savings for the life of the machine.

Steri-Straw Colors

The Steri-Straw Dispenser comes in seven anodized colors, namely Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Silver, Yellow and Red.


This GREEN PRODUCT is designed to support and meet food service equipment and health-related requirements by incorporating a 'hands-free'- 'drop down clean straw' dispensed from a clean container, without having contact with contaminated surfaces or hands. The food service industry will continue to face challenges in meeting the demands for safe food, clean surroundings and equipment as well as well groomed employees. Such factors as food borne pathogens, changing demographics, resulting in an increased number of individuals at high risk for contracting food borne-illness, difficulty in managing food safety programs and training employees will always pose a threat. The Steri-Straw Dispenser achieves this title of Eco-Friendly due to the fact that the dispenser dispenses hygenic unwrapped straws in a touchless, sensor-driven manner.

The elimination of the wrapper removes the need for a paper or plastic sleeve; thereby conserving raw materials.

Data Sheet

For a complete data sheet please go to and request one.

Buy Now

The Steri-Straw Dispenser can be purchased in several colors and configerations on the Buy Now pages with choices of voltage ,color, straw length and width, logo design, voltage requirement and quantity.

The Steri-Straw Dispenser is available for purchase on the website or you can phone Toll Free 1-888-442-4047 or you can email and one of our sales staff will be happy to contact you.

UV Sterile

The Steri-Straw Dispenser can be purchased with our latest anti-bacterial fighting tool, namely the ultra violet bulb and control gear, which is integrated into the housing of the Steri-Straw Dispenser. The bulb operates in the ultra violet light frequency which best destroys any bacteria to ensure the hygenic delivery of the straws. This upgrade option will be available in the Spring of 2011.


There are three videos to view which are avalable at The first video is of the Steri-Straw Dispenser in use. The second video is of the colors available and the third video is of the lab tests of over one million cycles which ensures the highest production and quality standards which were set by Steri-Straw.


We at Steri-Straw are that confident in our product that if your straw dispenser should malfunction or stop working due to any manufacturing error within the first twelve months, we will send you a new one at no charge!

Simply email with your invoice and current shipping address and we will send you the instructions and freight cost for the replacement unit.

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